mare-level daily tasks and gaining a new talent, Lingsniff!”

“The shadow pupils can let you see the colors of dreams, the ghost ears can let you hear the sounds of memories, and the spirits can make You smell the scent of emotions, the mortuary can make you dress up a withered soul, and the live puppet can make you the body of the yin god, now you are still short of the last ability, speed up to unlock the task, hope you can die Know the answer before.”
After completing daily tasks at the nightmare level, the black phone gave Chen Ge an ability to look at names and smell.
Chen Ge touched his nose, and didn’t notice any difference between them, except that he had a stronger ability to distinguish smells.
“Do different emotions give off different smells?” Chen Ge sniffed at the white cat, but was pushed away by the white cat disgustingly. He didn’t care, put away the black phone, and then took out his own phone.
“Hello? Is it the Dongjiao Police Station? I want to call the police. There is a murder case hidden here in Jiangyuan Community.”
“Yes, it 西安夜生活论坛 should be a female body. The location of the body may be a freezer. I suggest you check those who have never lived, but A tenant who consumes a lot of electricity every month.”
“How did I know? I want to say that this woman’s corpse told me personally, you must not believe it, right.” He
took a taxi back to New Century Paradise, and Chen Ge didn’t sleep all night. But there is no sleepiness.
He checked the time and started to make preparations.
“My haunted house must operate normally. Employees can’t take too much, and a few old employees need to be left behind to maintain order.”
Pushing the door to the underground, Chen Ge entered it with a backpack: “In addition to Lao Bai in the red clothes, The others must take them all away, otherwise, if something goes wrong, the ghost who stays can’t deal with it.”
With the help of the 西安洗浴网 mobile phone ghost, Chen Ge put the red high-heeled shoes and the repeater into the backpack, and then let the