riod. I asked her to calm down a little bit.”

To be honest, Li Shentan didn’t expect that this Ripple would still be the patriarch of the Lian clan, at this age. Isn’t it too young? Is the patriarch hereditary?
Or is it because Ripple is the strongest, so he became the patriarch?
He remembered that Lianyi had said before that she was using a golden corpse, and now she has looked around, but he hasn’t seen a golden corpse.
As a person with a golden corpse, Lianyi should be the strongest.
“Humph,” a woman in the woods 西安夜生活论坛 sneered, “Quickly get rid of your hypnosis. If our patriarch has a long and two shortcomings, let you feed snakes and insects here today.”
“That’s it, but you have to let them loose. Open my hand,” Li Shentan said eagerly.
“Don’t try to play tricks,” someone in the woods said coldly.
The silver corpse and bronze corpse let go of one of Li Shentan’s hands, and saw him snap his fingers lightly, and Ripples regained consciousness as if suddenly waking up.
Someone asked eagerly: “Patriarch, are you okay?”
Lianyi shook her head: “I’m okay.”
She looked around the surroundings, and when she looked at the controlled Li Shentan, she suddenly became out of anger. “It’s too much to scare me in turn! You controlled him well, and brought him back to the stockade to be my wife!”
Li Shentan: “Huh?!”
Si Liren’s eyes widened. He opened his mouth 西安洗浴网 wide and fell into a complete shock!
Good night
, everyone 1038. Inheritance
Li Shentan thought that if he offended the patriarch of the Lian clan, the other party may take a series of revenge on him, such as lashing to a wooden stake and whipping, such as hanging oneself to prevent drinking water. some type of.
But he was not afraid of these, the Lian people still underestimated his hypnotic ability, thinking that using these bronze and silver corpses could really imprison him.
When the other party really wants to commit a crime, the Lian people will be defined as a “bad guy” in Li Shentan’s heart, so that he will have no psyc