on is not weaker than some weaker mansions, but the key is that the Daming King is strong. The descendants of such a strong King Daming are weak, and the Great Mansion is weak and shameless!

“What will the palace lord do in the future?”
Su Yu was thinking, if there are too many offenders, what should I do later?
Niu Baidao laughed and said: “Then think of a way by yourself. If it doesn’t work, then just don’t prove Dao. Just our Palace Lord, he may not be able to prove Dao, right?” It makes
sense, but it’s a pity King Daming The eldest son, died too miserably, too early.
Su Yu had this idea subconsciously!
It wasn’t intentional, but there were too many people talking about it. He couldn’t help but came up with this idea. Regrettably, the eldest son of King Daming died at the age of 9. The
next moment, I vaguely felt that something was wrong.
Why do you always feel that Zhu Tiandao, who is on the 9th Sun and Moon, is inferior to a 9-year-old Qianjun? 西安耍耍论坛
How was this concept born?
Seen in the book?
Others keep mentioning?
Zhu Tiandao himself was talking about it?
King Daming crying everywhere?
What is the situation!
“Palace Master, ask one more thing, is there anything in Daming Mansion that can increase willpower”
“A lot!”
Niu Baidao said in surprise, “You don’t know?”
Su Yu was speechless, I don’t know.
“Drinking, eating, reading, listening to music”
Niu Baidao faintly said: “Which one is not to increase willpower, and to be indifferent? When a person concentrates on one thing, this is hobby, that is willpower, that is self-understanding. Throw in, get in, this is the way to increase your willpower! Don’t you think that legends are really legends, do you? All kinds of art can prove Dao! One day into the sky, three days to break the mountains and seas, ten days to 西安夜桑拿网 watch the sun and the moon , I can see the sun and the moon, and eternity manifests itself. This is a legend, not a legend!”
Su Yu was startled slightly!
“Where did your natural divine writing come fr