ignored him. No matter what, it was safest to be in his own hands. He had already decided that he wanted to control the Xuanyuan Sword by himself.

“Biga, get the sword back.” Kazuo Yamamoto said.
Pika was about to step forward and draw his sword. At this moment, a piece of silver light covered Kazuo Yamamoto, Yumei Thirteen, Aken, Pika and others, and everyone was shocked.
Aken and Biga quickly dodged, Yu Ming 13 shook their cloaks, and the place where the figure was brushed 西安桑拿夜网 disappeared. Kazuo Yamamoto was the most stiff, stepping forward and blasting out against 西安洗浴网 the silver light.
He had already seen that the silver light was a bright silver flying knife.
His fist collided with the silver light, and Kazuo Yamamoto violently backed up a few steps, and a few silver lights swept across his body, cutting his clothes, and even cutting his. Kazuo Yamamoto was shocked in his skin. These throwing knives were so powerful that they could break through their defenses and cut themselves.
In an instant, people saw the Xuanyuan Sword inserted in the wall quickly drawn out and flew in one direction.
Kazuo Yamamoto was shocked, and he flicked his feet in a teleport, trying to seize the Xuanyuan Sword, but the silver light came again, and Kazuo Yamamoto didn’t dare to resist, so he quickly dodged 西安品茶网 aside, but in this way, he was also completely Lost the possibility of catching up with Xuanyuanjian.
Jiang Hao stood at the end of the passage, and Xuanyuan sword flew into his hand smoothly. Jiang Hao didn’t hesitate for half a second, and went directly into the sword box, and then into the Dantian.
No matter how curious, you can go back and study again, and then Jiang Hao stepped out of the storage building.
Kazuo Yamamoto wanted to catch up again, but there were no traces of the enemy.
In fact, Yu Ming Thirteen had already spotted Jiang Hao’s figure, but he didn’t chase after him, thinking that he felt that the man was very strong and that he might not be his opponent.