do you want to control the entire Necro Realm?” After all, you

said coldly: “A few days ago, A lot of guys died, right? The lackeys like you are dead, right?”
After speaking, he ridiculed: “The antiquity is gone, you lackeys have also been retributed! The ridiculous guy!”
Bei Wang said solemnly: ” It seems that your news is not unclear, you are going to unblock it?”
“What do you think?”
Dichiluo smiled coldly, looked up at the sky, “Sooner or later!” As
he said, he looked at the North King again, “The running dog , Join us?”
Bei Wang frowned, “Who else is alive besides you?”
At this moment, these beams of light, only this guy has appeared. The Bei Dynasty went to see from the depths, he even wanted to know, who else is alive?
How strong is it?
Dizhi Luoyou sneered and said: “More than you think! The death emperor is still alive, and sooner or later the necrosphere is ours!” The
North King’s heart was shocked!
Death Emperor!
This was an extremely powerful necromancer that year. King 西安耍耍论坛 Wu and the others conquered the necromantic realm, killing boundlessly, and the only time they encountered resistance was when they encountered the emperor of death.
This one is not dead, just sealed?
Dizhi Luo coldly said: “Ming Douhe, don’t read it! Where’s Ziyan? That woman, is she dead or alive?”
“Wang Xi?”
“Heh, maybe it is!”
Bei Wang thought of ten million in his heart, Princess Xi He actually had collusion with these guys, he said solemnly: “It seems that Princess Xi has been captured, and may also be dead.”
He looked at the barrier again, and then thought of the necromancer who had just assaulted, and suddenly said, “She did it! Did she break the seal with a small opening?”
Princess Xi is also good at blocking.
Over the years, it is very possible that in this sealed land, some hands and feet have been made, and 西安品茶网 these guys can contact the outside and control some dead spirits. Otherwise, the North King feels that it is not so easy for King Wu and the others to seal these guys