ct convergence, unfolding the B story and the plot echoing~~

bad guy approaching~
death and desperate feeling~the
third act convergence, let the A story and the B story link~~ 西安夜生活论坛
finally The climax part of the ~~
ending, the warmth or cruel ending.
This formula has been rigorously calculated and matched with audience psychology. Of course, having a formula does not necessarily mean success. Later generations of bad Hollywood movies are still everywhere. What content is added to it is the skill of the screenwriter and director.
Jiang Hao has watched the original film of “Broth of the Brothel”, took its essence and discarded its dross, and polished it with the latest formulas. It is also standing on the height of the times and adding some content to it. Naturally, it will do more with less.
As the saying goes, “read all the gods in the world, life 西安足浴spa naturally has no code.”
has reached the realm of’going up to a tall building alone and looking at the end of the world’.
Monroe came back and saw that 西安品茶网 Jiang Hao was still writing. She took off her coat and changed into home clothes. She approached the study and quietly opened the door. Watching Jiang Hao reading the manuscript with a smirk on her face, she walked in with her toes on the floor, no With a little noise, when he walked behind Jiang Hao, he stretched out his hand to hug Jiang Hao’s neck.
“You’re back.” With Jiang Hao’s keenness, I could naturally hear Monroe coming.
“My dear, is your script ready?” Monroe said in Jiang Hao’s ear, looking at Jiang Hao’s hand through her shoulder.
“Just finished it, do you want to read it?” Jiang Haoyang took the thick script in his hand.
Monroe jumped up suddenly, “Okay.”
He took the script in Jiang Hao’s hand and read the name, “”Broth of the Brothel”? Do you want me to act as a prostitute?”
“We will discuss it after you read the script.”
After reading the script. , Monroe was attracted by the story in the script and came to Jiang Hao and said, with a sa