iang Hao said.

“Brother Hao, there are ice cubes falling here at any time, it’s very dangerous, let’s let them go up by themselves?” Liu Yuan said.
“I have to go down because of the danger.” He couldn’t help but said, grabbing the winch to the edge of the ice cliff, and 西安耍耍论坛 said to Liu Yuan, “Descent at the top speed of 250 meters, slower behind
.” ”
Understood .” Jiang Hao grabbed the rope and unhooked and jumped directly. Going down, the brushes of the winch turned faster than 西安夜生活论坛 the speed of the high-speed elevator. Liu Qi and others on the ground had already seen this scene, and they were surprised to see a person coming down directly at such a fast speed.
Just after the speed dropped by 250 meters, the speed suddenly slowed down. Jiang Hao’s hands tightened and the speed became almost the same as that of a normal elevator. When he reached the bottom, Jiang Hao adapted to the dark environment and saw more than a hundred meters. Wang Lei and others outside immediately said: “Move faster and bring the flint over here.” A
few people immediately moved and moved the flint towards Jiang Hao desperately. Fortunately, they have mechanical skeletons, so two people can move them. Lift the heavy flint.
“Hello, Comrade Jiang Hao, thank you very much.” Wang Lei said with some excitement when he saw Jiang Hao.
Jiang Hao knows why he is excited. Wang Lei is more eager 西安夜桑拿论坛 than everyone here to rescue Hangzhou, because his wife and children are in Hangzhou.
“Hanging immediately.” Jiang Hao didn’t have time to greet them.
“Okay.” The
flint was hung on the hook, Jiang Hao grabbed the rope and said stiffly: “I will go up and put the flint, the others are ready, the next time I hoist everyone at once, not a third time.
” Liu Yuan, rise up.” Jiang Hao said to the communicator.
“Good brother Hao.” The
traction rope quickly went up, and the others looked at each other. Liuzi and the hammer said: “This guy speaks really hard.” The
hammer shrugged, “I’m probably very anxious for life and death.”
At t