Zhao Huo was promoted to Rank 9 and needed 10 Xianyuan Stones and nearly half of the dream gems that Ren Suo had just brushed out of the Panda instance.

Fortunately, neither the King of Nene nor the King of Spirits need to be raised, and it is already hard enough to raise a dragon king.
Dragon King Zhao 西安耍耍网 Huo, promoted to rank nine!
In the Hedao interface, the dragon king Zhao Huo glowed with orange flames, and several golden dragon phantoms lingered around him, blending into his full-covered armor. The sharp spear and the tip of the spear shot out almost radiant flames, turning him into a self. Golden dawn with light pollution is as high as!
He looked at Ren Suo off the screen with a smile in his eyes.
“You are the supreme supreme, I am a defeated general. Just like before, send me to death, honor me, and I will come, and then you can quietly appreciate this flourishing age that I have defeated!”
“Characteristics, true Dragon King Heavenly Sovereign Status: It can intercept two enemy units, and all of them cause damage to the intercepted unit, and the intercepted unit causes 30% damage.”
“Second Feature·Wu Zun: All attack power +30%, Dragon King has 20% when attacking Chance to cause 500% damage.”
“The third characteristic: Dragon King of Mad Fighting: Inflicts an additional 100% splash damage to 西安桑拿夜网 the front area (16 grids), and all the defeated auras are turned into healing effects to heal their own legion. The additional damage can be combined with normal attack damage. Superimpose.”
Ren Suo took a breath.
After Rank Nine, the biggest change of Dragon King Zhao Huo is naturally his third characteristic.
Because of his third characteristic, he is no longer the younger brother in the ninth revolution, but the younger brother.
After all, from the panel, Zhao Huo is still slightly weaker than Ren Zuo and Karen.
In actual effect, Zhao Huo is already the number one in Rank Nine!
Ren Zuo has the first attack ability in the universe, but he has not stood on the battlefield soon;