n to a five-story residential building next to him. When he came to the top floor, he found that the roof passage was sealed. Jiang Hao kicked the passage open and came to the top of the building.

In this position, he can accurately see the entire battlefield.
When he came to the building, he
squatted slightly, raised his gun and aimed, “Bang!” It
was just a shot, and a gang member was immediately headshot. A guy next to this guy saw his companion attacked and turned to look at Jiang Hao’s side. Seeing Jiang Hao on the top of the building, bang, Jiang Hao shot again and killed this guy.
The reporter from the TV station found Jiang Hao’s situation in the distance, and immediately asked the photographer to shoot.
The gangster found Jiang Hao and 西安桑拿按摩网 took up the light machine gun and fired it frantically at the top of the building. Jiang Hao dodged slightly, raised the gun and shot, and the guy who was driving at him blasted his head with one shot.
“Bang~!” A
sniper rifle rang, and Jiang Hao can kill a gangster with every shot. Finally, after he shot the sixth man, those guys were scared, the gang boss With a shout, a group of guys shrank into the block.
The fighting on the street finally ended, and the police hurried over and carried out the policewoman who was trapped behind the car.
At the same time, the fbi and crime squad also arrived. Everyone rushed into the building where the gangsters hid with guns. Jiang Hao also jumped down and dropped the sniper rifle. An ak47 was shaken in his hand from behind. Rush into that building.
“Da da da.”
“Bang bang 西安耍耍网 bang!”
A series of gun battles took place in the building, and Jiang Hao killed three or four guys alone.
“Boom!” The 西安夜网论坛
gangster used heavy weapons and crashed the wall next to him. Jiang Hao was blasted out, but he felt dangerous in advance. He raised the golden light of the protective body and was not harmed at all, shaking the dust on his body and rushed in. room.
Jiang Hao rushed in and s