ing Rebei. The conversation between Ka and Maggie, “Start connecting the carapace, breastplate, and accessory protective gear!”

More slides and bearings began to rotate, and the black steel armor tailored for Maggie began to be assembled piece by piece. On the body, the abdominal armor used to prop up the defensive shield, the back armor used to carry the backup energy group, and the under-neck armor carrying a large number of test instruments were installed in place one by one.
Maggie 西安品茶网 watched these dazzling devices hanging on her body one by one, some she could see the purpose, some she could only guess the purpose, and some she couldn’t even guess what they were for. When a device with sharp 西安耍耍网 corners approached her chin, she finally couldn’t help but ask: “Rebecca, what is this thing installed on the chin? Why can’t I see it? Text structure?”
Rebecca looked up and scratched her hair: “In fact, I don’t know that it was specially added by the ancestors after seeing my design, saying it was a symbol of the black dragon.”
“Black dragon has such a symbol. What?” Maggie murmured in confusion, and while she murmured, the black steel armor had been installed to her jaw.
It may look like a weird faceplate, or it may be an iron chin-Maggie murmured in her heart.
Then she put her doubts aside: Since it was the arrangement of His Majesty Gawain, it must have its purpose. The wisdom and vision of that legendary hero is beyond ordinary people’s imagination, and a person like herself who is not good at planning (dragon), Just 西安桑拿夜网 act according to his will.
As for now she is ready to go.
“All the locks are in place, and the steel wings are mounted!” The Bachelor of Mechanics on the high platform shouted, “It’s time to fly!”
Maggie raised her head, feeling her heart beating faster again.
With a look of excitement on Rebecca’s face, she turned and shouted, “Open the door!!”
The magic mechanism drives heavy gears and levers. There is a creaking sound from the alloy door of the shed. Sunlight from the