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brief greeting and courtesy, the two sides passed by.
“I was so nervous just now,” Jenny said in a low voice until she was far away, “but the princess is really kind.”
“Really? I didn’t pay attention,” Carmel said in a low voice. “I just felt a familiar and uncomfortable breath from her.”
“Breath? What kind of breath?”
“God—she must be with God It’s related, or you’ve been to God’s Domain.”
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Chapter 525 Observation
Cecil arranged the most comfortable accommodation for the guests from the royal capital-not in the lord’s mansion, but in a separate building under the government affairs office near the lord’s mansion. It is said that this building was built to welcome important guests, and was called the “Autumn Palace” by the Cecilians because it was completed only this fall.
This novel arrangement once again made visitors feel the uniqueness of the Principality of Cecil.
The Duke of Victoria leaned lazily on the soft and comfortable couch, relaxing her limbs and muscles 西安耍耍论坛 stiffened by the fatigue of the journey and the dinner party, and carefully observed all the furnishings in this room-to be honest, here The furnishings and the word “luxury” do not match up. Although the things are exquisite, they are not in the same style as the guest rooms in Baiyinbao, but the things here are still impressive.
All the lighting facilities here rely on magic spar as the core. This cheap and simple light-emitting device is difficult to popularize due to the continuous injection of magic power, but in Cecil it is something that can be seen everywhere in the streets; the room is warm as spring, But the fireplace on the west side was not lit. Obviously, the fireplace was not a heating facility, but just some kind of decoration. The real heating here is solved by something called the “magic heating system”; it is hung in 西安夜桑拿网 front of the large French windows. With large and bright curtains, the weaving technique of the fabric is very peculiar, the stitches are simple, and even with a sen