him on the Flying Tigers, or to make a fuss about the probing period.

And now that he is clean, the new director has no choice but to take him.
He is the senior superintendent of the police force and the division chief.
The fist is much harder!
Zhuang Shikai drove to the East Star Memorial Hall and asked the buddy to put the wreath on it and put it at the door.
He led people to 西安夜桑拿网 the crow and saw the crow kneeling and sitting beside the coffin.
Zhuang Shikai did not do anything to make trouble in the mourning hall.
After all, funerals should be respected.
Under this Chinese traditional culture.
It’s about character and virtue.
What’s more, 西安桑拿夜网 the crow and Dongxing’s people are very behaving, and they are willing to make promises to the Zhuangye.
Zhuang Shikai drove to Hongxing Hall after Dongxing left a piece of silk gold.
He didn’t see the crow clenching his fists and clenching his teeth secretly.
Aberdeen District.
Hongxing Hall.
More than a dozen Hong Xingzha staff, dozens of well-known leaders in the society, and hundreds of Hong Xing horses wearing black shirts, with white flowers on their chests, and a very solemn look, stood in groups at the door of the mourning hall.
Since it was not too early, other bigwigs of the rivers and lakes came one after another, and then left, now only the people from Hongxingshe are left at the entrance of the mourning hall.
After all, it’s very tiring to catch two games in a row, right? Lose your mother, die in the same 西安耍耍网 day, be buried in the same day, and return her mother to the leader of the society. Silk gold has to be doubled! throw!
At this time, a large group of Hongxing horses saw the police vehicle arriving, all of them moved their eyes to watch the black car arrive at the scene.
When the black car stopped steadily, Yuan Haoyun pushed the door to get out of the car first. Then a dozen police officers got out of the car in suits and silently hung their IDs on their chests.
At this moment, both parties are wearing suits, but