ained: “There is a legend that the ancestor is related to the opening of the Primordial Era. It is the overlord of the Primordial Era. And the Primordial Giants are also the dominant race of the Primordial Era. Between these two, some people say that the human ancestors are actually the Primordial Giants Emperor!”

She explained: 西安夜生活论坛 “The Primordial Giants, there is no emperor in any era. Even in the Primordial Era, they were no emperor!

ories of his previous life. He said to himself as he thought: “Don’t underestimate the human’s’adventurous spirit’, and don’t underestimate their curiosity towards you. In terms of Tarrond, it is a traumatized ruin, and there are existential crises everywhere, but for many people, it is a mysterious land in legends, even if it is now destroyed by war, it is also a holy land. The ruins, an abandoned house there, a broken wall, and even a charred stone all have a fatal attraction for curious explorers.

“And what you have to do is actually very simple-you just need to find these people, take them safely to Tarrond, make